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You’ve Been Iced: Lewes, Delaware Wedding Photography

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Leafo fans, meet Doug & Katie. Doug & Katie, welcome to the Internet. More importantly, welcome to your new life together!

Doug and I are old high school buddies, so when we touched base and were asked to shoot his wedding, Casey and I were STOKED! These two are great for each other, tons of fun, and always ready for a party. Great mix, right? Well, the wedding was a terrific set-up. It was on the beach, island themed, and they pretty much took over Lewes to make their wedding very much their own. One element that stood out was their pranking. Pretty much the entire bridal party got “iced” ALL DAY LONG. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, here is the official definition from Urban Dictionary:

(V). The act of drinking a Smirnoff Ice on one knee as fast as you can, following the presentation of the ‘ice’ in a clever manner.

Needless to say, it was a good time!

Hotel Blue Lewes, Delaware

The girls got ready at the gorgeous Hotel Blue in Lewes.

Groom Prepares For Wedding

Here he is! Doug dons his jacket for the beach wedding.

Smirnoff Ice at a Lewes, Delaware Wedding

Aaaaand it starts!

Groom Gets Iced at Wedding

The first icing of the day. Group effort on this one.

Smirnoff Ice Wedding in Lewes, Delaware

First the girls got the guys, then the guys pocketed the remaining bottles, and the onslaught of revenge was very, very present.

Father and Bride at Wedding

It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a beach wedding!

Lewes, Delaware Wedding

Party time!

Wedding Day Jokes - Lewes Delaware

Just before the wedding reception, the girls noticed a fun play on Kate’s name. Like I said, fun group!

Wedding Sweets

The sweets of the night tasted just as good as they looked, and the island theme was beautiful.

Groom gets iced.

After the cake cutting, there were toasts. Naturally, the best man iced the groom. Doug is a trooper; he chugged it all gone!

Groom Grandma Dance

Of course, the traditional Grandma/Groom dance. Back it up, Doug!

Our fabulous bride had some moves, too!

Full Dance Floor

That dance floor was packed all night!

Part Hard Wedding

…and the guests partied HARD.

Shots at a Lewes Delaware Wedding

A highschool buddies toast. Fun to be a part of this. I know all of these guys! They’re all good people and truly a blast!

Irish Eyes Wedding

After the reception was over, the after party rocked on the main floor of Irish Eyes.

Irish Eyes Wedding After Party

…and Katy got iced.


Doug, Katy: Thank you both so much for thinking of us to be a part of your big day. We had an absolute blast, and are honored to have been present and able to capture it. You ROCK!