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The Groom's Suit – Wedding Tips

Category : delaware, photography, wedding tips · by Feb 23rd, 2009

It’s the bride’s day, but that doesn’t mean the groom needs to look any less sharp.  Try not to make the mistake of just picking the first suit off the rack that fits and have it wrapped up.  Your future wife will only wear her dress once, but this suit will give you years of good service, so think bigger than just the wedding day.

When looking for a suit for the big day, there are some important tips to keep in mind. The type of suit you should be looking for greatly depends on you body type.

Are you tall and skinny? Look for a heavy, light-colored fabric, as it will give your silhouette more structure.  Also go for a two-button jacket without vents in the back.  You don’t need the extra room, so try keeping it streamlined.  As for pants, look for something in regular rise to keep your leg line balanced.

For those with a bulkier frame, lean towards a lightweight dark fabric, preferably with vertical stripes.  That in a two-button jacket with a single vent in the back should do you right.  Try to avoid using a different color jacket than pants — the break in color at the waist draws attention to the gut.

For the shorter population, go with vertical stripes on a 2 or 3 button, dual vented jacket. Combine it with a pair of low rise pants, and people will be mistaking you for Kareem.

Remember: Armani is nice, but if you’re on a budget, go for a less expensive suit and have it tailored.  When it’s customized to your frame, a suit ¼ of the cost will make you look just as good.

Last but not least, and this applies to all body types, leave the jacket unbuttoned, especially for the photography. It is always a more flattering look to have the visual leading lines of an unbuttoned jacket.  Thanks in advance from your Delaware wedding photographer!

Here’s a quick recap:

Tall and Skinny

  • Heavy fabric
  • Light color
  • More buttons for height
  • Vents – 0 to 1
  • Regular rise pants


  • Lightweight dark fabric
  • Same color pants and jacket
  • Solid or vertical stripes
  • Two buttons
  • Single vent


  • Vertical stripes
  • Two buttons
  • Two vents
  • Low rise pants
    Here is our boy Bender in the suit he had custom made!

    Here is our boy Bender in the suit he had custom made!

    Ben, your other wedding photographer had his suit custom made from his dimensions. A tailor measured him up, and created a suit that looks like a million bucks. I get suits and have them tailored. It is common to say, “that suit looks like it was made for you.” Follow Bender’s example and get a suit that actually was, or find a solid fit and get it adjusted to make you sharp.


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