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Gina & Nick’s Airplane Engagement Photography

When we first met Nick & Gina, we knew it would be a good fit. They’re laid back, they love the beach, and they’re totally awesome! They’re also having their wedding catered by one of our favorite restaurants at the beach — Nage! We decided to meet there, because we love having a good excuse to grab a prime rib burger ๐Ÿ™‚

After chatting them up about their interests (both are runners, so they had a lot of stories to swap with Leif about the Warrior Dash, Run For Your Lives, and Tough Mudder!), we started talking about ideas for their engagement photos. Get this — these two actually met on a PLANE! They are both incredibly kind, and they met while both were helping other people. Gina was helping an elderly woman walk through the aisle to the restroom, and Nick was taking care of a co-worker who was feeling less than stellar. While waiting in line, they struck up a conversation, and sparks flew! After the flight, the two parted ways and Nick kicked himself for not grabbing her number. Fate intervened once again! They actually shared the same plane on the return flight, and Nick spotted Gina right at the end when she was letting people go ahead of her in line (once again, brought together by helping others!).

WHAT AN AWESOME STORY!!!!! Seriously, chills. I mean, with a story like that, our fate was pretty much sealed, too — we HAD to tie that in with their engagement shoot! Luckily, we have some incredibly awesome friends who were generous enough to hook us up with a sweet biplane for the photo session, and the rest is history! Check it out!



Nick and Gina, thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with us! We can’t wait to see you again for your beach wedding in Delaware this September!