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Milford, Delaware Photographers – This Place Matters!

Hi guys! We are super excited to share a story that hits us close to home: Milford, Delaware. I was born & raised here, and after Leif and I were married, we moved back here to buy our first house & start our photography business. Lately, the amazing ladies over at Downtown, Milford, Inc. have been working to revitalize the downtown area of our historic community. They are a nonprofit agency, so suffice it to say there have been many challenges in raising awareness with such limited funding.

Enter National Trust for Historic Preservation’s “This Place Matters” competition. Basically, we get one chance to enter a single photo of our town & show a sign saying “This Place Matters.” Then, people all over the country can vote for their favorite place & winner takes all. The grand prize? 25,000 crisp green dollar bills to spend toward revitalizing our downtown area!

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to volunteer our time & shoot the photo for the contest, and Downtown Milford, Inc. rallied over a hundred people together for the shoot! Without further ado, here is the photo they entered along with a very heartfelt essay about our town & the link to vote for Milford because THIS PLACE MATTERS!!!

Why do we matter?? Read what they submitted with the photo!!

Downtown Milford, Delaware

We are a community born of the river. It is the mill at the crossing of the Mispillion that formed our name. This river was home to two centuries of shipbuilding that made us a center of maritime industry. This river remains our link to the vital waters of this great peninsula.

Though the nature of the river has changed, it is no less important to our lives. It bisects our downtown, makes us the heart of two counties, and is the centerpiece of a rebirth centered on recreation, the arts, and community.

Our downtown is the heart of our creative transformation. Our galleries, shops, and performance spaces are gathering places for people from all walks of life. Our events allow us to celebrate the place we call home.

We remain a center of commerce for a rural community, an escape from the pressures of urban life, and a community centered on family. We are the kind of place where a children’s class inspires leaders, a landscape inspires artists, and a history inspires vision.

We are Milford, Delaware.

River Town. Art Town. Home Town.

Click to vote!

Please vote for Milford! It’s free and easy, but each person is only allowed to vote once, so help us out & spread the word!

Fingers are crossed! And yes, the photo will be available for purchase after September 15th to help benefit Downtown Milford, Inc. Go Milford!!


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