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Nina & Paul’s Glasgow Park Engagement Session

Hey guys!! I know it’s been a while — we have been SUPER busy over the last few months and I am so excited to finally share everything with you! Keep checking in, because we will be blogging like crazy with tons of cool weddings & engagements from all over the east coast! I wanted to start back today with a sweet engagement session right here in Delaware. Check out our adventures at Glasgow Park in Newark with the fabulous Nina & Paul!


So sweet.


Loving these colors. Isn’t her hair amazing?? (Yours, too, Paul — you know we have an affinity for Gingers!)


Smooches & lashes


Nina was so excited when she discovered all of the barns & cool backdrops at the park. Nice find, lady!


Love it!

These two are the perfect combination of laid back & bubbly — you would never guess that they were modeling with only 3 hours of sleep. Thanks for such a fantastic shoot, guys!

Keep your eyes on the blog for their gorgeous wedding at the Hilton in Christiana this May 馃檪

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

Kristen & Erik’s Engagement Session

You may remember these two from Rob & Jamie’s ridiculously fun Key West wedding. Erik is the bride’s brother, and he & Kristen actually got engaged while they were in Florida for the wedding! We had a blast getting to know them that week, and when they asked us to be their wedding photographers, we were SO excited! These two are silly, sweet, and have some serious movie quoting abilities. What’s not to love??


We traveled up to their gorgeous home in the historic city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was a fantastic autumn day!


These two are so cute together!


Loving the bling & Kristen’s wooden ring from Puerto Rico.


Bat those lashes!


More adorability. It’s a skill. Look it up 馃槈


Serious face.


Aaand break!


We love this photo for so many reasons:

1. Our couple is awesome.

2. The old steel mill is a huge part of the town’s history. It helped build the world’s first Ferris wheel for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and the Golden Gate Bridge!

3. This area was inside a paid admission festival, blocked by a carnival ride, fenced off, and in a “No Trespassing” area. Many, many thanks to all three levels of security who were kind enough to let us in for one great shot!

4. Our couple is awesome!

Kristen & Erik, thanks again for the amazing adventure in your gorgeous town. We can’t wait for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico next summer!

Rehoboth Beach Wedding Photographers

Remember Anna & Tai-Jin’s adorable engagement session? Here’s a little sneak peek from their wedding 馃檪


A surprise dip for their first kiss — so cute!


A mariachi escort for their wedding party. Boardwalk = OWNED!


Check out their stunning wedding reception beneath the stars!

Stay tuned — we can’t wait to share all of the gorgeous details and hilarious antics from this California couple’s fantastic destination wedding in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

Lewes Historical Society Wedding: Maren + Ryan

Maren & Ryan are an awesome couple. They currently live in Michigan, where Ryan is a top-notch college field hockey coach and Maren plays professional field hockey for the USA women’s team! Despite their busy schedules & frequent long-distance commutes, they’ve managed to maintain a laid-back attitude about everything. Their positive energy and quirky creativity is contagious, and it permeated every detail of their wedding day to make an event that was absolutely unique to them!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Maren’s Seychelles bridal shoes!!


Her dad was also styling that day with his white leather kicks & a tie clip embellished with Maren’s baby picture.


Ryan & Maren’s wedding rings. Our bride also wore another ring that belonged to her great grandmother, and she used blue string to size the band. (Old, new, borrowed, and blue — check!)


The ladies finished getting ready at the Lewes Historical Society.


Did we mention how adorable these shoes are??




Meanwhile, the guys diligently prepared for the wedding… 馃槈


The look on Ryan’s face says it all.


An absolutely gorgeous day at Canalfront Park in Lewes!


A very sweet sand ceremony. Maren’s dad is the Mayor of Lewes, so he was able to officiate their ceremony. So cool!


The kiss!


After the ceremony, we were able to sneak away with the couple for a few minutes & wander around downtown Lewes.



Maren’s gorgeous flowers designed by Silk & Sands Florist.



One of our favorite shots from the day — so cute!


Such a cute couple!


We <3 Hydrangeas


A cute guest book idea!


All of the tables were adorned with wild flowers, and chalkboard menus labeled all of the choices provided for guests (16 mile –yummy!!). Every amazing detail was perfect & unique thanks to Make My Day Event Planning.


Yummy hors d’oeurves from Plate catering.


Ryan definitely knows how to keep his new bride smiling!


Adorable 馃檪


More details! The groom’s orange calla lillies really popped against the blue hydrangeas.


Branding at its best: these little labels adorned their dessert bar, invitations, and thank you cards. Way to theme it out, guys!







And a little bit louder now…


Sing it!


Groom sandwich!


An impromptu mother-daughter dance 馃檪


Congratulations, you gorgeous newlyweds!! Thanks so much for inviting us to photograph your wedding — it was an absolutely fantastic, fun, beautiful day!



Event Planning: Make My Day

Flowers: Silk & Sands Florist

Catering: Plate

Tent: CRH Tented Events

Ceremony Location: Canalfront Park

Reception Location: Lewes Historical Society

Photography: Leafo Photo, of course!



Laurel, Delaware Wedding Photographers

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Rob & Jamie are perfect for each other.

A bold statement, I know. Let me explain.

Rob is one of our best friends, and we were with him on the night when he ran into Jamie again at the pub. They’d been friends for years & he’d always had a crush on her, but the timing just never seemed right and they lost touch. He literally GUSHED about her all night after their 30-second chat at the bar. Little did we know that she would become his future Mrs.! They balance each other incredibly well & are absolutely head-over-heels in love — true soul mates 馃檪

We were so happy when they announced their engagement earlier this year, and we had a blast at their laid-back outdoor wedding. Here are a few of our favorite memories from their big day!


They had an intimate, heartfelt wedding ceremony under the big oak tree at Trap Pond.


Lot, their wedding officiant, has been a close friend of Jamie’s family for years, making this day even more special for our couple.


They wrote their own vows, which turned out to be awesome, sweet, and absolutely hilarious. “I love how Jamie stays up late to watch UFC with me, even though she usually falls asleep before the main event.”




Thanks for the creepy eye contact, Rob. It looks like you’re about to eat my soul!


Leafo himself signing the marriage license. He was absolutely honored. (And self-conscious about his handwriting in front of the camera!)


Bill stealing the spotlight for the cake photos & more creepy eye contact from our hilarious groom!


And of course, what’s a Leafo wedding without a few sweet couple photos?


Jamie’s gorgeous baby blues 馃檪


Apparently they were teasing each other during their honeymoon about how we posed them. “Nuzzle, baby!”


Congratulations, Rob and Jamie!! We love you guys & it was truly an honor to be part of your wedding day. Thanks for being awesome!!







Lansdale, Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

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Meet Meghan & Keith, a sweet, fun military couple who have maintained an awesome relationship over many miles (they are often on opposite coasts!). You may remember their sunshine-filled motorcycle engagement session in Virginia Beach this spring. For their big day, we traveled up to the historic Joseph Ambler Inn & preppy-chic Pinecrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA.


Hanger straps and bridesmaids rarely get along, but a quick snip before walking down the aisle is a great remedy!


Our beautiful bride-to-be & her gorgeous momma putting the finishing touches on her gown.


Meghan wore a beautiful bridal necklace adorned with her grandmother’s brooch.



Meanwhile, Keith was donning his uniform & some marine-style bling of his own.

Here we go!


Look at that smile!





Mr. and Mrs. 馃檪


After the ceremony, we had a little bit of time for some fun formals at the country club & the Joseph Ambler Inn.


Their awesome wedding party — emphasis on the “party!”


Super cute, guys!




Such a gorgeous couple!


One of Keith’s groomsmen sang their first dance.


The newlyweds were all smiles!



Keith, a true rocker, had his wedding ring engraved with one of his favorite symbols.


Meghan also surprised him with this gruesome Groom’s cake! Love it!



Meghan’s bouquet toss had some pretty fantastic aim…


It landed right in the chandelier!


The garter event was full of funny surprises, too…


Meghan had a skull & crossbones flask attached to her garter!


Such a fun detail! I’m pretty sure the groom approves 馃檪


Not to be outdone, the garter toss itself was quite a show…


The guys employed some creative retrieval techniques!


This guy is a pro.


Oh yeah!


Celebrity sighting! Hannah Montana & her bodyguard made an appearance at the Leafo Booth 馃槈


A beautiful bride & a striking viking.


“Have you seen my stapler?”




Congratulations, Meghan & Keith!! Thanks so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers — you definitely have a fantastic story!

Rehoboth Beach Country Club Wedding Photographers

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You may remember Andy & Suzanna from their beachy engagement session last summer. Their big day finally rolled around, and the Rehoboth Beach Country Club was buzzing with excitement!


With a golf course backdrop, the groomsmen prep the ceremony & seat the families.


It’s go time!



Their waterfront wedding was absolutely stunning, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day!


Suzanna was all smiles! This couple was ready to be married. 馃檪


Sealing the deal!




The flowergirl took her job VERY seriously 馃檪


Guests had to solve an equation to find their table number — so cute! Andy & Suz are both math geniuses, and this fun little detail was very much a reflection of their personalities.


Their wedding theme was beachy & blue 馃檪


Couples should always take time to eat their meal & try the cake…


Don’t worry, they were gentle. No smashed cake on anyone’s face.


Sneaking out on the green for a few quick photos. Have you ever seen more perfect grass??




The awesome DJ from “Just Kidding Around” always knows how to get the party started — and keep it going!


The ladies singing “Put A Ring On It!”


And a dance for the fellas, too — “Jump On It!”


The men’s routine also proved to be quite entertaining for the ladies!


Congratulations, Andy & Suzanna! Thanks again for inviting us to be part of your wedding day — we had a blast capturing your memories!!

Washington, D.C. Wedding Photographers: Tim & Kelly’s Engagement at the Museum of Natural History

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Tim + Kelly

We know Mr. Mannino through his work in web and design. Tim is a co-founder of Kettul, a company that develops some pretty sweet Drupal-based websites for designers who don’t understand the geeky end of web — an awesome setup when you’re more art than computer!

Anyhow, Tim contacted us even before he proposed to his beautiful bride-to-be! Kelly hails out of England, and is a geek for all things geology. We totally think she rocks! (Sorry for the bad pun). Tim was visiting Kelly in the UK, and as they toured the Natural History Museum in London, he popped the question in front of the statue of Charles Darwin, one of Kelly’s all-time favorite scientists. You can tell these two are smart and love their craft!

Now that they’re living full-time in the United States, it only made sense to shoot their engagement in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

The first shot of the day. I almost wanted to end here, since this is so hard to top 馃檪


We had quite a battle with the weekend crowd in D.C. You can see a lot of motion around these guys as the masses toured the Ancient Seas.


Cuddling up and admiring the architecture.


What a beautiful building. (And couple!)


It took some precision with timing and angles, but these shots make it look like they had the building to themselves 馃檪


After the museum, Tim & Kelly took us on a stroll to a beautiful garden area at the end of the Mall.


So sweet. When you’re around these two, it’s very obvious they are 眉ber in-tune with each other. These lovebirds first met when they were teens, and Tim told his family he was going to marry her. Years later, they were able to get back in touch & their chemistry crossed oceans to bring Tim’s prediction to fruition. Somebody is a bit clairvoyant!

Thanks so much for including us in your story, Tim & Kelly! Everyone keep an eye out for their wedding in Boston, Massachusetts!

LGBT Wedding Photographers in Delaware

Tara + Michele

Animal lovers, adventurers, and all-around awesome women, Tara and Michele contacted us to shoot their laid-back beach wedding this summer. The first thing Michele mentioned when we started talking about wedding details were the “sweet ‘Life is Good’ beach towels” their guests would use as seating during the commitment ceremony.





You can immediately tell that our brides are a perfect match when you meet them — they even chose the same wedding dress (without planning it)! Definitely proof that they are operating on the same wavelength 馃檪




It was supposed to storm, so the girls decided to move the ceremony up a few hours to try to beat the rain. Schedules aligned & blue skies prevailed — talk about good luck!!


Their good friends Megan & Wendy officiated the ceremony. Great job, ladies!


Incredibly heartfelt vows. We totally cried! (Ok, I cried. Leif was probably just sweating from the heat!)



Woohoo!!! Hitched!!


Our absolutely gorgeous newlyweds.


Check out these rings! They’re engraved with a wood grain pattern — so cool!!


Our couples know that we’re huge Jeep fans, and when we found out that Tara’s brand loyalty rivaled our own, we decided to bring down a little wedding gift for her: our new (to us) 1971 Jeep CJ5 & its maiden photo shoot! Tara was tickled to death! (A few days later, our little CJ5 also starred in our own anniversary shoot! Love that thing!)


A fun little ring shot while Michele snuggled with the new wifey 馃檪


Happy brides!


After the beach, we went back to the beach house where the rest of the guests were hanging out & snagged a few more couple photos before the rain started.


Nothing beats a hammock at the beach!




Their first dance to David Gray’s “The One I Love”


An awesome father-daughter dance to Billy Joel’s “Lullabye.” Michele’s dad used to sing her to sleep with this song & always hoped he’d be able to dance to it at her wedding.


Tara danced with her dad to Rascall Flatts, “My Wish.” Before the song started, he got a little teary-eyed and gave this toast to Tara, “There isn’t a day in my life I haven’t been proud of this girl!”


Snuggle up!


Congratulations, Tara & Michele!! Thanks for inviting us to photograph your wedding day, and good luck with all of the wonderful adventures to come! (They just opened a new veterinary clinic in Baltimore, check it out!)

Creative Delaware Engagement Photographers

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Linley & Spencer’s Gorgeous Sussex County Engagement Shoot

If these guys look familiar, it’s because they ARE! Linley is the soon-to-be sister-in-law (or should we say BLISTER-in-law??) of one of our recent couples, Allisa Booth & Justin “Blistertoe” Stoeckel, and she and Spencer (Allisa’s brother) were both in Justin & Allisa’s wedding this past May. Linley is the bridesmaid peeking out from behind the Batman mask in one of the Leafo Booth photos. Gorgeous & creative — I think she’ll fit right in with the Booth family! We were totally excited when they asked us to be their wedding photographers, and it has been a lot of fun getting to know them and planning out all of the details together for their wedding & engagement photography! We talked quite a bit about Linley & Spencer’s interests and bounced around so many fun ideas that it was hard to narrow them down. We ended up doing our own little mini-tour of Sussex County, and the day was a great success! Check it out!

Our first stop was down in Laurel, Delaware for some engagement photos at Trap Pond. Linley & Spencer spend most of their weekends on the water, so spending some time in a rowboat was a fitting, romantic twist on a favorite pastime.


Such a gorgeous day!


Yes, we were singing “I’m On A Boat” the entire time. Never thought I’d be on a booooaaat.. 馃槈


Adorable 馃檪


Next stop, sunflowers! They are Linley’s favorite flora, and she’ll have them in abundance at their wedding this fall. Many thanks to her friends for letting us trample — I mean, delicately tiptoe — through their flower patch!


I love the way Spence always makes Linley laugh — so cute!


In LOVE with these colors. Look at that sky!!


Last stop, Cape Henlopen for a sunset picnic in the sand.


Seriously, just quit your day jobs and start modeling, guys. Beautiful!


Aaand their outfits go with the sunset colors. Amazing.


Thanks so much for rocking your e-session, guys! We can’t wait to share all of the fun details from your vintage wine & sunflower wedding at Rehoboth Beach Yacht & Country Club this fall!!