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Georgetown, Delaware Wedding Photographers: Allisa & Justin’s Yellow and Gray Handmade Vintage Wedding

Allisa + Justin

Imagine the ultimate Etsy wedding: fun, eclectic, hipster-meets-vintage chic. Now kick it up a notch & add a crazy party vibe. Yeah, their wedding was THAT awesome! Allisa knows how to go all out with details galore, incorporating her two favorite colors, gray and yellow, into both the engagement session and wedding day. (Check out their adorable e-session here.) We hung out with them a few times before the big day, which gave us a chance to see their excitement build — along with the collection of wedding day details in their house and garage! The wedding was catered by Abbott’s Grille and boasted a killer DJ as well as an awesome husband-wife photography team (yours truly) and our Leafo Booth! 馃槈

Starting with a supremely heartfelt ceremony and a great congregation of family and friends, this wedding was EPIC. We had a bit of time in between to get some shots of the whole bridal party, then it was time to PARTY. These guys know how to get down. What a fun group!

We did our best to showcase as many of the details as possible. It was absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy!


A cute ring shot on the table outside where guests signed in. Everything, as you’ll see, wearing the colors of the day.


Perusing a copy of Delaware Bride on the day of your wedding is a definite I “DO” 馃槈


LOVE the birdcage veil! Good choice, Allisa!


Yellow, gray, and vintage-inspired clothespin seating tags. Love the “love” letter stands!


This is the kind of detail that couldn’t have possibly been taken in by everyone there that day, but made the day very Allisa-and-Justin. Allisa had patches sewn into her dress with her parents’ wedding date one one side & Justin’s parents’ date on the other.


Allisa’s beautiful, timeless wedding gown swaying in the breeze with the ceremony’s backdrop: green and gold flowers in mason jars.


Guests walked through this doorway to be seated for the ceremony! Wreaths made of book pages alluded to the couple’s bibliophile tendencies 馃檪


A little fun with initials: A&J with the wedding ring! This book was actually re-purposed by a crafty friend & transformed into an adorable clutch purse for Allisa’s wedding day!


The bride’s jewelry while she gets ready. She’s getting all ivory’d up!


Sharp dressed man. Justin had this suit built around him! Custom fit suits are the way to go, grooms!


A little last-minute shine. Isn’t she gorgeous??


Fans to make the outdoor tying-of-the-knot comfier. Gray and gold abound 馃檪



A beautiful note to the guests popping out of the typewriter = a fantastic touch.


Justin strutted out to the song “I’ll Be Your Man” by The Black Keys. True style. If you haven’t heard it, listen up!


Allisa’s uncle Jim escorted her down the aisle & represented her family to give her away.



The happy couple seconds into first seeing one another. You may recognize the officiate — her uncle is Delaware’s own Senator Joe Booth!


It’s official! I love the moment right after their first kiss when a couple turns to walk back down the aisle. The look on their faces is a mix of relief & giddy bliss, and it is absolutely priceless!


…and proud of it!


A few of the shots from our two-on-two time with the newlyweds 馃檪


Fun photos showing some of their memories leading up to this tremendous event. Love the clothespin display!


A bench overflowing with decorations. All of these little things added to the beauty of this awesome backyard wedding. Notice the definition of the word “nest” on their pillow. J&A are crafty wordsmiths & they tied in a few definitions with their book-themed decor.


Their first dance was laced with huge, genuine smiles.


There were tons of incredibly heartfelt tributes throughout the reception, including this woodpile dedicated to the memory of Allisa’s father.


Things we adore about this cake: hand-crafted birds as cake toppers, cutting utensils engraved with a wood grain pattern, family photos & heartfelt decor details, and the tree slice cake stand. (Ok, so basically we just love everything about this cake!)


Check out Justin and Alissa’s masterful cutting skills. They were initially planning on having only a cookie dessert bar because they aren’t really “cake people,” but Mom-Mom Honey insisted it was good luck to have a cake on their wedding day, so they called her up to witness when they cut it. She looked quite happy that they blessed their marriage with the appropriate pastry!


They were sweet about it! Smart man.


Loving their beverages for the evening. Justin’s name was etched into the glass on his mason jar, and the straws in the yellow cups had gray stripes and flags with different messages. See what I mean about the little things adding up? Amazing!


Livin’ it up under the tent with the music bumpin’.


The bridesmaids showing everyone how to do the Leafo Booth right!


Too cute!


So do we!


Allisa & Justin, Mr. & Mrs. Blistertoe, thank you so much for inviting us to be your photographers on your amazing wedding day! It has been such a blast getting to know you & we wish you all the best as you begin the next chapter of your story!

P.S. If you haven’t checked out Justin’s hilarious running blog, you’re missing out. He just ran the entire length of DE to support a good cause, check it out!


Destination Wedding Photographers

Hey guys! We’re excited to share some fun news & send congratulations to a few of our wonderful couples who were published in Destinations Travel Magazine’s annual wedding edition! Visit their site at http://www.destinationstravelmagazine.com/ for tons of great travel info year round!

Here’s a sneak peek from their 2011 Destination Weddings issue!

Check out p. 71-73 for our article about current photography trends! Here’s a little snippet — you can view the rest of our article in their online magazine at http://destinationstravelmagazine.com/Destination_Weddings2011/.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the wonderful editors at Destinations — we are so stoked and eternally grateful that you chose us as one of your featured photographers in this year’s Destinations Weddings edition!!

Rehoboth, Delaware Wedding Photographers

Hey guys! We have a pretty cool wedding story to share with you today. We first met Mark & Jeff last December while shooting a wedding for their good friends Chris & Amy at their amazing Rehoboth Beach restaurant, Eden. (Mark & Jeff’s daughter, Samantha, was actually the flower girl at Chris & Amy’s wedding!) It was an awesome time & we met some really great people, so when Mark asked us to be his wedding photographers this December, we were thrilled! The entire night was a blast, a great way to end our 2010 wedding season, and since they invited a lot of the same guests from Chris & Amy’s wedding, it felt like partying with old friends!

Samantha with Daddy & Poppy — she was a perfect flower girl! (Mark jokes how she’s been in so many weddings that she’ll be the girl from 27 Dresses by the time she hits first grade!)

A handsome collection of groomsmen.

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl. Best buddies!

An incredibly beautiful, heartfelt ceremony at their new bistro, JAM.

Mark thanked everyone and said his only regret was that he wished his parents were alive to see him get married, but he knew they would be proud. We all cried. (If you ever need advice on a good waterproof mascara, ask a wedding photographer!)

This guy was hilarious! Awesome speech!

Samantha helped read the blessing with the Rabbi, and no grooms or groomsmen were injured in the stomping of the glass!

Mazel Tov!

Happy girl 馃檪

The reception was held across the street at Mark & Jeff’s first Rehoboth restaurant, Eden. (They win “Most Romantic Restaurant” on the Best of Delaware list every year! Try the lobster tower…amazing!)

Their first official dance as newlyweds.

Cake time!

Danielle (on the right) is Eden’s amazing pastry chef. She made their gorgeous wedding cake!

Eden just created their own wine & gave guests the first taste as their wedding favors!

Jeff obviously feels quite safe while being lifted for the Hora.

Come on, Vogue!

Such a fun party!

And of course, the couple who introduced us to this amazing crew last December! Happy anniversary, Chris & Amy 馃檪

Mark & Jeff, thank you both so much for inviting us to photograph your amazing wedding day. Everyone had a blast, and it was fun watching you both literally beaming all night (except for the whole being-picked-up-in-chairs-against-your-will part)! Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful future together!

Fenwick Island, Delaware Wedding Photographers

Traci & Ray’s eco-friendly autumn beach wedding in Fenwick Island, Delaware was seriously cool (just like them!). When it comes to weddings, there’s no such thing as “according to plan.” The day before their wedding, Traci & Ray were out kayaking when the boat sank, and one of the diamonds in Traci’s ring went down with the ship! Most brides would be a mess losing something so precious right before their big day, but not our girl! She was super bubbly when we showed up, showing us her ring & laughing while sharing her crazy story.

The ring with a story & her Harley garter. They love riding their motorcycles together!

The final countdown…

Ray’s beautiful bride-to-be!

Eco Chic! All of the bridesmaids’ jewelery was made from recycled and repurposed material.

To the beach!

Their gorgeous ceremony on the sand. The ocean was an important part of the ceremony for Traci & her family. It was their way of including her dad on her wedding day, and the winds were definitely blowing a breeze down from the heavens.

Ray’s cousin officiated the ceremony — so cool!

Okay, here’s why they’re laughing: the Irish blessing they chose for the reading was sweet, but I guess our couple didn’t realize how funny it would sound when read aloud during the ceremony. As soon as Traci had to vow to “share the first taste of his meat, support his back, and call out his name each night,” we all lost it!

The newlyweds!

Toes in the sand 馃檪

Their gorgeous waterfront reception.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Evans!

Super cute, guys!

Ray: “I always reach for her hand — it’s automatic.”

Traci: “He is seriously my best friend in the world.”

And now for the details 馃檪

Traci & Ray had an autumn-themed candy bar set up as an alternative to wedding cake.

Surprise! Her brother, an incredibly talented pastry chef, baked her this gorgeous cake for the big day!

Earth-friendly wedding favors! Each guest received a seedling, ready to plant.

Silly smooches & “The Point.”

Here’s the story. The first time Ray met Traci’s aunt, she meant business. Looking him square in the eye, she pointed her finger and said, “Women in this family breastfeed!” Now “the finger point” is a running gag in their family!

Got her!

Gotta squeeze out every last drop of Jim Beam — way to make it happen, Ray!

Wedding receptions and pools are a dangerous combination, but Traci was a good sport — she just laughed and pulled Ray in with her!


Good times!

Ray & Traci, thank you both so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers. You guys are absolutely adorable the way you crack each other up, and we had a blast partying with your family and friends. Congratulations on tying the knot!!

Baltimore, Maryland Wedding Photographers

Chris & Kelly’s Wedding

Please allow us to introduce an insanely cool couple (we seriously have the best couples ever!). We met them through another one of our awesome couples, and Kelly & Chris loved our photos so much that they wanted us to do their wedding photography in Baltimore, Maryland (woohoo!). When we met, we knew they were going to be a super fun couple, and the rest is history 馃槈 But enough about us — check out the story of Chris & Kelly’s big day!

We met with Kelly at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel as she added the finishing touches to her gorgeous ensemble. This necklace was actually made from her mother’s wedding ring — nice job, Momma!

Kelly and her mom definitely share the same stunning blue eyes and porcelain skin — gorgeous!

Chris was finally allowed in the room for an informal “first glance” — look how excited he is!

“Soooo….what do you think??”

While our happy couple smooched and smiled, another little love was beginning to blossom. These two were inseparable!

One final primp before photo time!

Chris & Kelly wanted to maximize their party time, so we shot all of their formal photos before the ceremony. They were so excited to see each other that it was smooches and smiles whenever they could steal a moment. So cute!!

After the breezeway, the entire wedding party wandered over to the park for more photos. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

I think this is my favorite shot — it looks like a fairytale!

More smiles and smooches as they said “I do.” Kelly just lights up whenever she’s around him!

Our newlyweds were introduced to the theme from “Star Wars” — told you they were fun!

Second thoughts?! Already?! 馃槈

All smiles. Love it!

Looking for a fun alternative to traditional wedding favors? Sweeten things up with a candy bar! Pretty display containers and color-coordinated confections are sure to bring a sugary smile to your guests’ faces 馃檪

“Don’t even think about smashing that cake!” (He was nice — smart hubby!)

The groom’s father serenades his sweetheart — but don’t be fooled, Momma can break it down, too!

Everybody dance now!

An awesome time & a super fun group. Do you recognize these guys?? It’s Rob & Jamie, our newlyweds from the gorgeous Key West wedding!

Kelly and Chris, thank you both so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers. You guys definitely know how to party! We wish you both the best & hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Mexico!

Keeping the Spark: The Secret to Successful Relationships & Adorable Engagement Shoots

As wedding photographers, we are constantly interacting with couples during the most exciting and stressful time of their lives. Huge changes and endless to-do lists combine with romantic settings and exciting details to create an incredible, breath-taking spark between brides and grooms-to-be leading up to their big day. Most of the time.

We’ve all heard it before — it’s easy to be cute when you first fall in love. Well, duh. What happens, though, after the honeymoon? Or, for that matter, what about couples who have been together for five or ten years before walking down the aisle? Society seems to expect every couple to lose their spark after their first five minutes together, but Leif and I have been around many couples who still swoon and giggle together like their first days of dating.

Recently, we had the privilege of shooting an engagement session for Paul and Dot. On paper, they seem like a pretty normal American couple — they met at work a few years ago, have similar interests, and also have some very different personality traits. She is a district manager for Staples and all-around corporate wonderwoman, while Paul is a successful and incredibly talented musician with a free spirited, wandering soul. After six years together, you would expect to meet them, enjoy them, and hear a few stories about how they drive each other nuts but love each other anyway. The photos would be okay, they would smile politely, and we’d all settle because that’s just how life turns out, right?

Not so!!

What was different for Paul and Dorothy? They made each other laugh and giggle all day, seeming to tune out the entire world during their shoot. If I hadn’t known they’d been dating for six years, I most certainly would have guessed that their relationship was brand new because their love, their “spark,” is so fresh! Wanna see? Check out these photos from their engagement session in Chesapeake City, Maryland!

Dot and Paul, thank you so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers. We really enjoyed spending time with you during your engagement photos, and can’t wait to see you again on your big day in October!

Want to see more? Check out their slideshow!

Dover, Delaware Wedding Photographers

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Elena & Steve are high school sweethearts who have been together for nine years. We had the privilege of shooting their wedding at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Downtown Dover, Delaware, and their reception, which was held in one of the ballrooms at Dover Downs Hotel. When we met Elena at the hotel for her preparation, she was already beaming in anticipation!

The girls began to primp as they waited their turn for hair styling, provided by the fabulous folks at Yankee Clipper in Milford, Delaware.

I just wanted to share something with you about these shoes — Elena found the coolest little gadget to rescue your stilettos from the mud! Spring brides should definitely keep these handy to prevent sinking in soggy soil…check out Heel Huggers!

After hair & make up at the Dover Downs Hotel, the girls made their way over to Wesley United Methodist Church in Dover to continue their wedding preparations.

Elena’s dress, from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, Pennsylvania, was absolutely fabulous! Wait until you see her in it!

Elena’s amazing pink peonies were provided by Jen-More Florist in Dover, Delaware.

Steve & Elena could not have picked a more beautiful day in downtown Dover. The sun was shining and flowers were in full bloom as we headed over to Woodburn, the Governor’s mansion, for more photography with the wedding party.

We wandered in through a garden path bursting with peonies and found our way to the fountain for a stunning backdrop.

After spending some time in the sunshine, the crew took the limo back over to Dover Downs Hotel for the wedding reception.

I love how much personality Steve & Elena put into their wedding! The groom’s cake was absolutely adorable (I mean…super manly and made for a true outdoorsman).

The amazing DJ crew from Just Kidding Around kept everyone up and dancing all night long!

Thanks, Steve and Elena! We had an awesome time and feel incredibly lucky to be your wedding photographers! Congratulations on your marriage!!

Like what you see? Contact us here to shoot your next wedding, lifestyle or editorial promotion!


Photography: Leafo Photo, specializing in wedding & lifestyle photography along the east coast

Wedding Venue: Wesley United Methodist Church in Dover, Delaware

Preparation & Reception Venue: Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware

Music: Just Kidding Around Entertainment

Cake: Ashley Pruitt

Hair: Megan Scott at Yankee Clipper in Milford, Delaware

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

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So you鈥檙e engaged! Congratulations! If you鈥檙e the bride-to-be,聽 your first instinct after sharing the news
with all your friends and showing off your gorgeous rock *cough* I mean, fianc茅,聽 is to pick out the dress.
Chances are if you鈥檙e like any girl, you鈥檒l already have some idea of what you want to look like going
down the aisle, but do you know how to pick a dress that will really make you shine on your special day?

Photography by Leafo Photo

You might be tempted to pick up bunches of wedding magazines and pick out the dresses following the hottest trends — stop. This is going to be the dress you wear on one of the biggest days of YOUR life. It should be a dress you feel absolutely gorgeous and absolutely comfortable in. If you have a little extra money to burn, you could purchase a super elegant formal dress to wear during the ceremony and a more casual comfortable dress to party it up in afterward.

While strapless dresses are currently the most popular, they might not be the most flattering on you, not to mention if you’re small busted like myself, having a constant fear you鈥檙e going to lose the dress walking down the aisle (talk about some wedding nightmares).

For curvy women who want to show off their curves,聽 the trumpet-shaped gown and the mermaid gown are perfect options. For the bustier bride, a ball gown can balance everything out. Simplistic brides might go for a form-fitting sheath dress and any bride can rock the a-line gown.

Sexy Legs? Go for a shorter style! Short dresses are also great if you鈥檙e a more petite gal, because they are a little less overwhelming on a small body. If you do pick out a short dress, grab a chic pair of high heels to make those legs look even more toned, but remember to pick out a pair you鈥檒l be able to keep on the whole celebration, including through the dancing.

Strut Down That Aisle!

Dress: Dolly Couture Photography: Alice Hu

Remember that beading and other details on a dress are like highlighter on paper. Details such as beading and lace draw the eye, so you want your details to fall around the areas that you want to flaunt and not around those that you want to hide. Some details can be pretty bulky, like bunches of fabric flowers, so be careful when picking out a dress of the placement of these details so that you don鈥檛 add any unflattering bulk.

Photography: Leafo Photo

As for color, more colorful dresses are starting to make an appearance. Want to make a statement, but don鈥檛 want to be completely unconventional? Try a pastel colored dress, especially in pink or gray. For complete rebellion, try a red or black dress.

Vera Wang Spring 2010

Don鈥檛 forget the accessories! If you end up picking out a more retro 50鈥檚 dress, try the rediscovered and
loved cage veil. For jewelry, try to match the tone of your dress and try not to get too carried away. You
want your jewelry to compliment your dress, but you really want all eyes to be on your glowing face 馃檪

Photography: Juan Turcious Image Resource:聽 Wedding Chicks

Who you take to help pick THE dress is a pretty big deal. Don鈥檛 just bring anyone. Only bring a few of your
closest, most honest friends. Bringing ALL your closest friends and family = all their opinions, which can be both overwhelming and make it hard for you to hear your own heart. You want to bring the people you know will be looking out for YOUR best interest, and you want the people who know you the best and can tell you when you slip into that dress that is perfectly you.

Show your bride鈥檚 maids a little love, too! Because different style dresses are flattering on different body types, try picking a fabric and then having your bride鈥檚 maids dresses styled to fit with their different body types.

You tried on many dresses to find one...why should one dress fit many bridesmaids?

Photography: Leafo Photo

When it comes to picking the dress for that big day, the number one rule to follow is to stay true to yourself
and listen to your heart <3

–Erin the Intern

Destination Wedding Photographer

Hi guys! Casey here. We are super stoked to be writing this post because we can finally share some big news — Leafo Photo is being featured in a NATIONAL wedding magazine!!! Woohoo!!! Check out our story on pages 53-55 in the April 2010 edition of Destinations Travel Magazine. Several photographers from across the country were interviewed about modern wedding photography. We got to blab about all of the things we love about photo & how the game has changed since the days of our parents’ weddings. You’ll probably recognize a few of our shots in there, too. 馃檪

Here's the cover of Destinations Travel Magazine...we're in this month's edition!!

Here's the cover of Destinations Travel Magazine...we're in this month's edition!!

They talk about Leafo Photo & quote us on this page!

They talk about Leafo Photo & quote us on this page!


Do these photos ring any (wedding) bells?? They're Leafo Photo shots from Dan & Lynsey's "Love Birds" wedding at Pizzadili Vineyard in Felton, Delaware and Nick & Lauren's gorgeous church wedding in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This is one of the photos we took during Elena & Steve's engagement shoot!

This is one of the photos we took during Elena & Steve's engagement shoot! Their big day is coming up in May...can't wait!

A HUGE thank you goes out to the wonderful editors at Destinations — we are so stoked and eternally grateful that you chose us as one of your featured photographers in this year’s Destinations Weddings edition!!

Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach – The Best Delaware Wedding Caterer

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As wedding photographers, we get asked often if we know of a cool band, a solid caterer, a great florist, etc.

Let’s start with caterer. Blue Moon. Meg and Lyon run the catering end of Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They are phenomenal.

I have never met a team who can be so upbeat and fun to work with while remaining ultra-organized.The food is untouchable, and the staff is happy and truly helpful.聽 They are also great at thinking on their toes!

A roll-with-the-punches story:

While working a wedding at the Indian River Life Saving Station, a storm blew in at the last minute. Canceling the couple’s beach ceremony, the violent winds cracked the tent poles, dropping the reception tent on the set tables & dance floor and completely raining out the once-gorgeous venue. Meg had her team quickly usher the entire wedding into a safe area before the tent collapsed, and, (no exaggeration here), had the whole reception set up at another venue within forty five minutes. The wedding party, family and guests were a thrilled, thankful, happy group. The day ended beautifully.

Blue Moon offers more than food and place settings. They transform a potentially stressful day into the beautiful vision you’d hoped for.聽 Meg, Lyon, and their creative team offer peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the big day knowing you are in talented, capable hands.

I would recommend Blue Moon before anyone else.

Now, since a photoblog isn’t a photoblog without photos, here are some. I recently had the chance to shoot food shots and the Diva Show for the Blue Moon. Enjoy!

Blue Moon's Restaurant is located on Baltimore Avenue. The food is amazing, check them out but call ahead!

Blue Moon's Restaurant is located on Baltimore Avenue. The food is amazing, check them out but call ahead!

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (15 of 124)

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (19 of 124)

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (17 of 124)

Dinner and a show!

Dinner and a show!

Things I could never do...

Things I could never do...

Beautiful version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'...

Beautiful version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'...

Hittin' that high note!

Hittin' that high note!

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (83 of 124)

This was actually Pride Weekend in Rehoboth Beach, so the divas were strutting their stuff, big time!

This was actually Pride Weekend in Rehoboth Beach, so the divas were strutting their stuff, big time!

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (110 of 124)

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (123 of 124)

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (116 of 124)

Blue-Moon-Dinner-and-Show (119 of 124)

Thanks to the divas and Blue Moon! Casey and I had such a blast!