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Wilmington Delaware Wedding Photographers: Museum of Natural History

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Brad + Sheila’s Wilmington, Delaware Wedding

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since we’ve blogged — things have been super busy around here! Leif wanted me to blog this week, and since it is his birthday week, and Brad and Sheila did tell us they’d love to be featured on our blog, prepare yourselves for some seriously fabulous photo-liciousness.

Wilmington-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Autumn Apple Orchard Engagement PhotoWhen we first did the engagement session with Sheila & Brad at Millburn Orchards in Elkton, we knew they’d be a fun couple! (I already knew Brad from our dorm days at the University of Delaware. We were neighbors back in the day & he realized it was me after they contacted us to book the wedding! Small world!). These two are sweet, silly, and absolutely head over heels in love!

Elkton-Maryland-Orchard-Engagement-PhotosP.S. These were seriously some of the most amazing apples we’ve ever tasted! We brought home a huge bag — delicious!

Silly-Delaware-EngagementSuper cute, guys!

Delaware-Autumn-Engagement-Photo, Couple KissingSo beautiful! Obviously, we were beyond stoked to hang out again when their wedding day rolled around!

Delaware-Bridal-PhotographySheila looked stunning as we headed over to the Dupont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington to shoot a few pre-ceremony images.

Wilmington-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Bridesmaids posing on bridgeThe girls looked gorgeous all bundled up in their matching travel blankets.

Wilmington-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Groomsmen wearing beard hatsThe boys were bundled up, too — rock the beards, fellahs!

Quirky-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, groomsmen posing on turtle statueBest. Models. Ever. No words can describe the level of awesomeness here.

Delaware-Wedding-PhotographyCool designs for their programs!

Creative-Weddings-Delaware, Dinosaur Fossil Wedding SignThey were serious about their seating arrangement. Grr!

Best-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Guest taking photos at weddingIn case you were wondering about the location of their wedding, these two chose the absolutely gorgeous, ridiculously cool Delaware Museum of Natural History!

Delaware-Museum-Wedding, Bride walking down aisle

Beautiful-Delaware-Wedding-Photography, Groom sees bride walking down aisle

New-Castle-Delaware-Wedding-Photographer, Ceremony Reading


Best-Delaware-Photographer, Wedding Couple KissingSmooches! Great job lingering, guys! 馃槈

Candid-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Couple Kissing

Wilmington-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Couple posing in front of museum of natural historyGotta take a couple minutes and capture the location!

Amazing-Wedding-Photographers-Delaware, Silly Couple PhotoNecessary shot: posing to match the tigress maiming and devouring the antelope.

Creative-Delaware-Weddings, Glasses Wedding FavorGeek chic wedding favors: glasses glasses!

Quirky-Wedding-Photographers, Creative CakesJust in case you didn’t notice their wedding cake topper — look again.

Creative-Wedding-Cakes-Delaware, Narwhal cake toppersThanks, Mr. Narwhal! (and Mrs.!)

Best-Wedding-Photographers-Delaware, Couple cutting cake

Delaware-Wedding-Receptions, SaxophoneParty time!!

Awesome-Delaware-Wedding-Photographers, Bride playing air guitar with teethRockin’ out on the air guitar. With. Her. TEETH. Love it!!!

Unique-Delaware-Weddings, Couple Dancing at receptionI throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AAAAA-YO!

Brad & Sheila, thank you so much for having us out to be part of your big day. You two are a warm, silly, fun-loving and each-other-loving couple who made the whole day a blast. We hope each day of your marriage is better than the last. Congratulations!!

Marydel Wedding Photographers: A Surprise Proposal Engagement Shoot!

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Jamie & Nicole

Ok, you have to hear this story. When Jamie first emailed me a few months ago, he said he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend & wanted to surprise her with an engagement session. Apparently she’d been dropping a few hints about getting hitched & she really wanted Leafo Photo to be their wedding photographers (woohoo!), so he was wondering if we could help him pop the question. Um, YEAH! So cool!

We emailed back & forth for about a month, and, knowing that it’s tough to get a girl excited about having her photo taken without giving her advance warning to primp, Jamie took care of all of the details. He ordered her a cute outfit, figured out ways to have her get her hair & nails done without seeming suspicious, and scoped out a great location for the shoot. Nicole had always wanted to do an outdoor photo shoot with a farm/barn background, so Jamie called up a friend who owns a nearby farm & set up a time. We scheduled the shoot on Nicole’s birthday and drove up ahead of time to hide in the barns. Jamie told her that they had to head over there to pick up a birthday gift for her, and the plan was set!


She said yes! We hid in the barns while he proposed — stealth mode 馃槈


Totally surprised & a little teary-eyed. So sweet!


Still in shock. Pretty sure Jamie’s saying, “Gotcha!!”


Jamie also bought her a funny photo frame for after the shoot that says, “Bling bling, I got the ring!” This man is organized!


Don’t you just love her smile? Gorgeous!


We fell in love with these yellow-green fields & the golden afternoon sunlight.




The skies went back & forth from blue & happy to dramatic & rainy. Kind of fun to have such variety in one shoot, and they were total troopers about the weather. We were a little worried about her white dress in the rain…gotta keep these photos G-rated, people!



Jamie & Nicole, awesome job rocking your engagement photos! It was truly an honor to be part of your engagement story, and we are SO happy for you two! Congratulations!!



Baltimore, Maryland Wedding Photographers

Chris & Kelly’s Wedding

Please allow us to introduce an insanely cool couple (we seriously have the best couples ever!). We met them through another one of our awesome couples, and Kelly & Chris loved our photos so much that they wanted us to do their wedding photography in Baltimore, Maryland (woohoo!). When we met, we knew they were going to be a super fun couple, and the rest is history 馃槈 But enough about us — check out the story of Chris & Kelly’s big day!

We met with Kelly at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel as she added the finishing touches to her gorgeous ensemble. This necklace was actually made from her mother’s wedding ring — nice job, Momma!

Kelly and her mom definitely share the same stunning blue eyes and porcelain skin — gorgeous!

Chris was finally allowed in the room for an informal “first glance” — look how excited he is!

“Soooo….what do you think??”

While our happy couple smooched and smiled, another little love was beginning to blossom. These two were inseparable!

One final primp before photo time!

Chris & Kelly wanted to maximize their party time, so we shot all of their formal photos before the ceremony. They were so excited to see each other that it was smooches and smiles whenever they could steal a moment. So cute!!

After the breezeway, the entire wedding party wandered over to the park for more photos. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

I think this is my favorite shot — it looks like a fairytale!

More smiles and smooches as they said “I do.” Kelly just lights up whenever she’s around him!

Our newlyweds were introduced to the theme from “Star Wars” — told you they were fun!

Second thoughts?! Already?! 馃槈

All smiles. Love it!

Looking for a fun alternative to traditional wedding favors? Sweeten things up with a candy bar! Pretty display containers and color-coordinated confections are sure to bring a sugary smile to your guests’ faces 馃檪

“Don’t even think about smashing that cake!” (He was nice — smart hubby!)

The groom’s father serenades his sweetheart — but don’t be fooled, Momma can break it down, too!

Everybody dance now!

An awesome time & a super fun group. Do you recognize these guys?? It’s Rob & Jamie, our newlyweds from the gorgeous Key West wedding!

Kelly and Chris, thank you both so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers. You guys definitely know how to party! We wish you both the best & hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Mexico!

Denton, Maryland Family Photographers

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Hi everyone! Here’s a little snippet from one of the coolest infant sessions we’ve done in a while. Our friends Ron & Mindy are creative, hilarious, and always ready to spoil and embarrass their beautiful baby, Maggie. What’s the end result? An amazing photo session including Madonna outfits, a tutu, pumpkins galore, and a really cool spoof on Will Ferrel’s bearskin rug photo. Check out this sneak peek from Maggie’s autumn photography session!

By the way, if you haven’t seen his photo (by Michael Grecco for TIME magazine), check it out!

Annapolis, Maryland Wedding Photographers

Daniel & Chelsea’s Engagement Session

Hey guys, Casey here. We would like to introduce you to a pretty cool couple: Daniel and Chelsea. Not only are they athletic, gorgeous, and funny (we were cracking up the whole day!), they’ve also got the brains — she is studying marine biology and he is majoring in rocket science! Chelsea and Dan met at boot camp training at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Although they admit that it wasn’t exactly love at first sight (who looks good while sweating through military training??), the two hit it off pretty quickly and have been dating up until now, their senior year. We spent the day learning their story and shooting while they gave us a tour around the Naval Academy and Downtown Annapolis. We even got to take a peek at the gorgeous venue where they’ll be getting married next summer. Stay tuned for their wedding photos next June!

Dan and Chelsea, thanks so much for showing us around! Annapolis is so gorgeous, and we had an awesome time hanging out with you 馃檪 Congratulations on your engagement!

Keeping the Spark: The Secret to Successful Relationships & Adorable Engagement Shoots

As wedding photographers, we are constantly interacting with couples during the most exciting and stressful time of their lives. Huge changes and endless to-do lists combine with romantic settings and exciting details to create an incredible, breath-taking spark between brides and grooms-to-be leading up to their big day. Most of the time.

We’ve all heard it before — it’s easy to be cute when you first fall in love. Well, duh. What happens, though, after the honeymoon? Or, for that matter, what about couples who have been together for five or ten years before walking down the aisle? Society seems to expect every couple to lose their spark after their first five minutes together, but Leif and I have been around many couples who still swoon and giggle together like their first days of dating.

Recently, we had the privilege of shooting an engagement session for Paul and Dot. On paper, they seem like a pretty normal American couple — they met at work a few years ago, have similar interests, and also have some very different personality traits. She is a district manager for Staples and all-around corporate wonderwoman, while Paul is a successful and incredibly talented musician with a free spirited, wandering soul. After six years together, you would expect to meet them, enjoy them, and hear a few stories about how they drive each other nuts but love each other anyway. The photos would be okay, they would smile politely, and we’d all settle because that’s just how life turns out, right?

Not so!!

What was different for Paul and Dorothy? They made each other laugh and giggle all day, seeming to tune out the entire world during their shoot. If I hadn’t known they’d been dating for six years, I most certainly would have guessed that their relationship was brand new because their love, their “spark,” is so fresh! Wanna see? Check out these photos from their engagement session in Chesapeake City, Maryland!

Dot and Paul, thank you so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers. We really enjoyed spending time with you during your engagement photos, and can’t wait to see you again on your big day in October!

Want to see more? Check out their slideshow!