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Meet Kara & Marty. Free spirits with an awesome sense of humor and love of travel, they recently packed up all of their belongings to move to Vermont and follow their dreams. Kara and I have been working on getting together for this session for the last few months, but life and crazy weather kept getting in the way. When they started packing for their big move, Kara knew they weren’t going to have another chance, so she decided to bite the bullet and let go of waiting for a “perfect” time for photos. We actually wound up doing this shoot in Lewes, Delaware the night before they left on their big adventure!

Kara had been looking at this barn for several months — she just loved its charm, and it turned out to be an awesome backdrop for our photo session!

Marty is working on composing an album & wanted a few photos for the cover.

Kara is obviously a huge fan of his work 馃槈


A romantic little snippet about these two: they had to spend some time apart when Marty moved to New Zealand. She found out he’d moved back when she heard music playing outside her window one night. When she peeked outside, there was Marty, playing a song he’d written just for her. Kara laughs whenever she tells the story, “How can you NOT fall for a guy after that??”

Kara & Marty, we wish you the best of luck with your new adventures! Send us your album and some fresh maple syrup once you’re settled in 馃檪

5 Easy Ways to ROCK Your Family Photo Session

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1. Dress to Impress

We’ve all seen them: the awkward family photos where everyone is stiffly posed, smiling uncomfortably in an attempt to salvage any scrap of dignity that could possibly remain after being forced to wear Grammy’s hand-knit matching reindeer sweaters. It’s no wonder so many people look at the photos in J.Crew catalogs and sigh — you can’t expect your photos to look like that if you show up for the shoot in your stretchy pants!

The ever-stylish Pritchett clan. Blazers, Chuck Taylors, and cable knit sweaters = timeless autumn classics!

2. Location, Location, Location

Where do you want to shoot? What do you want from your photos? Think about time of year, favorite spots, and variety.

3. Timing is Everything

Especially with babies. Schedule your shoot so that it doesn’t conflict with their naptime. Photo sessions can be overwhelming to little ones, so they need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed coming out of the gate.


Aaaand he’s over it. Good thing Mommy & Daddy planned around his naptime! (We have to do that for Leif sometimes, too!)

4. It’s All About You

Tell your story! What makes your family unique? Think about hobbies, interests, etc.

5. Get Silly!

HAVE FUN! We try to make our sessions an experience. It’s a great chance for busy families to play, and it takes some of the pressure off when you can focus on blowing bubbles and cracking jokes instead of perfecting your best Zoolander pose (Blue Steel, anyone?). I guarantee you that most of our families will cherish photos from the little candid moments that show happiness and love a lot more than the “smile pretty for the camera” shots every time. Your session is a celebration of your family — why not keep it real and have fun as a family?

YMCA + Jazz Hands on the Roof? Nicely done.

Le Tigre.


Many thanks to the amazing families we worked with this fall! Your sense of humor and creativity were the inspiration for our post 馃檪

Boston, Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

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Derick & Charlene’s Irish Catholic Wedding

This blog post is a bit different & very special to me. My big cousin, Derick, recently married his college sweetheart and longtime friend, Charlene. Nice job, D — she’s a keeper! We traveled up to their town in Quincy, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston) to celebrate their big day. This post is a bit different because we were attending the wedding as guests, not photographers, when a few of our family members approached us and asked if we’d take a few shots on the sly. Of course, we hadn’t planned on any serious photos since C&D already had a photog, and we also wanted to show respect and stay out of the photographer’s way while he was working. Bottom line: we had 1/4 of our usual gear and 1/4 of the typical freedom to move around that we usually have during one of our own weddings. Lucky for us, we’re crafty folk!

I present to you a few of the images from Operation: Stealth Mode. Many of these shots were taken from our church pew and dining table — 007 Leafo style!

Our family is Scottish and Charlene’s family is Irish, so it was only natural that a piper played them into their big day!

Uncle Art, Aunt Jean, and a very nervous-looking groom!

All smiles 馃檪

Mr. & Mrs.

The Bride & Groom’s table and some very heartfelt speeches.

Allergies? 馃槈

Charlene’s dad is a musician, and his Irish band rocked the dance floor all night!

Looks delicious!

Maybe not? Watch out, Derick — your face might get stuck that way!

Toldja! Good thing Charlene teaches Irish dancing–looks like her hubby needs to learn some moves STAT.

Gettin’ “jiggy” with it–get it? Cause they’re doing Irish dances??

Aunt Jean & her girls — “Cause youuuuu make me feeeeeeel like a naaaaatural wooooman!”

My littlest cuz breaking it down on the dance floor.

Hold on tight, ladies!

Charlene & Derick, congratulations on your marriage. You guys are absolutely adorable together & we wish you all of the love and luck in the world!

Baltimore, Maryland Wedding Photographers

Chris & Kelly’s Wedding

Please allow us to introduce an insanely cool couple (we seriously have the best couples ever!). We met them through another one of our awesome couples, and Kelly & Chris loved our photos so much that they wanted us to do their wedding photography in Baltimore, Maryland (woohoo!). When we met, we knew they were going to be a super fun couple, and the rest is history 馃槈 But enough about us — check out the story of Chris & Kelly’s big day!

We met with Kelly at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel as she added the finishing touches to her gorgeous ensemble. This necklace was actually made from her mother’s wedding ring — nice job, Momma!

Kelly and her mom definitely share the same stunning blue eyes and porcelain skin — gorgeous!

Chris was finally allowed in the room for an informal “first glance” — look how excited he is!

“Soooo….what do you think??”

While our happy couple smooched and smiled, another little love was beginning to blossom. These two were inseparable!

One final primp before photo time!

Chris & Kelly wanted to maximize their party time, so we shot all of their formal photos before the ceremony. They were so excited to see each other that it was smooches and smiles whenever they could steal a moment. So cute!!

After the breezeway, the entire wedding party wandered over to the park for more photos. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

I think this is my favorite shot — it looks like a fairytale!

More smiles and smooches as they said “I do.” Kelly just lights up whenever she’s around him!

Our newlyweds were introduced to the theme from “Star Wars” — told you they were fun!

Second thoughts?! Already?! 馃槈

All smiles. Love it!

Looking for a fun alternative to traditional wedding favors? Sweeten things up with a candy bar! Pretty display containers and color-coordinated confections are sure to bring a sugary smile to your guests’ faces 馃檪

“Don’t even think about smashing that cake!” (He was nice — smart hubby!)

The groom’s father serenades his sweetheart — but don’t be fooled, Momma can break it down, too!

Everybody dance now!

An awesome time & a super fun group. Do you recognize these guys?? It’s Rob & Jamie, our newlyweds from the gorgeous Key West wedding!

Kelly and Chris, thank you both so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers. You guys definitely know how to party! We wish you both the best & hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Mexico!

Rehoboth Beach Photographers

We met with Tammy & her family down at Rehoboth Beach this summer for a family portrait session in the sand. Check out her adorable kiddos — there is a lot of love in this crew!

Sandy feet are happy feet!

Noah’s digging skills put my terrier pup to shame!

Time to tackle Mommy!

My, what big eyes you have…

After some time on the beach, we strolled over to grab some ice cream at Archie’s — yum!!

Can’t read my…can’t read my….chocolate faaaaace 馃槈

Sharing is caring.

Sugar rush + Mom’s request for “the jump that makes me laugh!” Nice job, boys!

Tammy, thanks so much for having us out to photograph your beautiful family. You guys are absolutely adorable, and we had a ton of fun hanging out and giggling along with you!

Wanna see more? Of course you do 馃檪

Lewes, Delaware Wedding at Nassau Valley Vineyards

Brett & Tori

Remember Brett and Tori from our engagement session earlier this summer? Well, their big day finally arrived! They had a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception catered by Blue Moon in the new building at Nassau Valley Vineyards. The theme was “Around the World,” and everyone partied like rock stars!

The girls began their pampering, primping, and prepping at Bad Hair Day? It’s one of the most luxurious, fun salons in Rehoboth Beach!

Tori spent the morning reciting her vows, aside from a quick catnap under the dryer.

The final countdown…

Dancing in the limo — Tori loves her jams!

For the record, Tori and Brett remembered their vows perfectly!

THE kiss


Brett had been saving that bottle of wine for their wedding day, so after the ceremony, we went into the vineyard groves for a romantic toast.

The Best Man’s speech was memorable, to say the least. Nice job, D.Y.!

Cutting their gorgeous cake.

Got him!!

Garter time…come hither, Brett!

He brought his A-Game!

Party time! The wedding had an “Around the World” theme, and every table had decor from a different country. These decorations made fabulous photo props as the evening progressed!

Tori and Brett, thanks so much for inviting us to be your wedding photographers! Your ceremony was stunning and we had an awesome time partying with you at the reception. Enjoy your honeymoon!


Catering & Event Planning: Meg Gardner of Blue Moon

Hair: Bad Hair Day

Flowers: Windsor’s Florist

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Nassau Valley Vineyards

Music: DJ Mike, email: DJMJ19947@yahoo.com

Cake: Brett’s incredibly talented Aunt Bev

Photography: Leafo Photo

Milford, Delaware Event Photographers

One of the fun things about photography is being able to participate in so many cool events. Recently, the folks at Sunnybrae Mansion in Milford, Delaware opened their doors to help the Children’s Miracle Network. Our current Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell, and her family teamed up with former Mrs. Delaware International, Karen McColley to host a fundraiser on Monday night. “Walking for a Miracle” was an absolute success, as local families came out to enjoy a stroll on the beautiful property at Sunnybrae and donate to a worthy cause.

Congratulations on a wonderful turnout, and many thanks to everyone who participated in the event!

Milford, Delaware Family Photographers — Brett & Tori

Meet Tori and Brett. Longtime sweethearts, these guys have been friends since their high school days, and everyone has been predicting their friendship would turn into love since Day One! They have been an adorable couple for years now, growing together, and now their family is growing, too! We’re so excited to share the newest addition to the Hamstead clan, Baby Gabbie!

Brett & Tori are the perfect combination of good taste and down-to-earth attitudes. With a new baby in the house, it can be tough to find time for one’s own interests, so Brett & Tori came up with a great idea for a photo shoot location — a fun game of golf at Shawnee Country Club in Milford, Delaware. The beautiful gardens and greens made our job easy, and little Gabbie was able to hang out and explore while Mommy & Daddy played a few rounds! (Did I mention that this child is an absolute doll? Such an easygoing little chickadee!)

Brett & Tori, thank you so much for sharing your family with us! We can’t wait to see you again for more fun photography in September as we celebrate your marriage at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes!

Special thanks also go out to Butch & Kathy Hamstead for being a great Mom-mom & Pop-pop and watching Gabbie during the photo shoot! 馃檪

Lewes Beach, Delaware Family Lifestyle Photographers

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Tyndall-icious! Check out the new photos from one of our favorite families, the Tyndalls, owners of Inclind, Inc. Jessica had an awesome idea for decorating their new home — large, vintage prints with a coastal theme (this woman has style!) We were excited to begin the shoot at Shaun & Jessica’s new home in Milton, Delaware, then we hit the baby beach in Lewes, Delaware for some fun family photos. Austin is an absolute doll, and he really knows how to ham it up for the camera!

Shaun & Jess, thank you so much for having us out for your family photo shoot! We can’t wait until the leaves turn for your next shoot this fall!


Your Delaware Wedding Photographers (that’s us!)

Broadkill Beach, Delaware Family Photography

Hi guys, it’s Casey again. We had a pretty wild family photo experience last week. Julio Loor, of Loor Photography in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was vacationing with his family down at Broadkill Beach in Delaware. They contacted us hoping for a fresh twist on classic photos in the sand, and we were incredibly excited to plan the shoot. It is always fun to photograph someone else in the field! After a lot of brainstorming and good times, we drove down for the photo shoot, and as soon as we pulled into the driveway, thunder started to rumble! What would normally be a relaxing portrait session with plenty of time to capture creative moments was now an adrenaline-pumped race against the clock (and Mother Nature!). Luckily, Julio and his family were total troopers, and we captured some pretty cool images in the fifteen minutes we had before the heavens opened up on us!

Julio, thank you so much for sharing your family with us and inviting us out to shoot your family photography session! We love your work and had a great time meeting you! See you next summer!

Are you a beach baby? Let’s shoot! Connect with us online, chat us up on Facebook, or call 302-270-2510 to set up your own Leafo Photo session for a fresh take on lifestyle, weddings, and editorial photography!