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Rehoboth, Delaware Photographer

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Hey guys, we are SO excited to share this week’s blog post. Our friend Jami Faust, who was practically born a style icon, recently launched her new consulting business, Faust Fashion. She’s following her dreams and sharing her passion with the world, offering everything from wardrobe editing to closet organization to personal shopping (yes, please!). We were honored when she asked us to shoot fashion photography for her Delaware business in Rehoboth Beach, and her bubbly, creative personality made it super fun as we happily snapped away 馃檪

This girl has a wardrobe worth drooling over!

Hmmm…what to wear, what to wear…

Make it rain!


Good times! Jami, thank you so much for hiring us as your photographers while launching your new business. We wish you the best of luck! Check out her website & get Faustified 馃槈

Milford, Delaware Event Photographers

One of the fun things about photography is being able to participate in so many cool events. Recently, the folks at Sunnybrae Mansion in Milford, Delaware opened their doors to help the Children’s Miracle Network. Our current Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell, and her family teamed up with former Mrs. Delaware International, Karen McColley to host a fundraiser on Monday night. “Walking for a Miracle” was an absolute success, as local families came out to enjoy a stroll on the beautiful property at Sunnybrae and donate to a worthy cause.

Congratulations on a wonderful turnout, and many thanks to everyone who participated in the event!

Milford, Delaware Photographers – This Place Matters!

Hi guys! We are super excited to share a story that hits us close to home: Milford, Delaware. I was born & raised here, and after Leif and I were married, we moved back here to buy our first house & start our photography business. Lately, the amazing ladies over at Downtown, Milford, Inc. have been working to revitalize the downtown area of our historic community. They are a nonprofit agency, so suffice it to say there have been many challenges in raising awareness with such limited funding.

Enter National Trust for Historic Preservation’s “This Place Matters” competition. Basically, we get one chance to enter a single photo of our town & show a sign saying “This Place Matters.” Then, people all over the country can vote for their favorite place & winner takes all. The grand prize? 25,000 crisp green dollar bills to spend toward revitalizing our downtown area!

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to volunteer our time & shoot the photo for the contest, and Downtown Milford, Inc. rallied over a hundred people together for the shoot! Without further ado, here is the photo they entered along with a very heartfelt essay about our town & the link to vote for Milford because THIS PLACE MATTERS!!!

Why do we matter?? Read what they submitted with the photo!!

Downtown Milford, Delaware

We are a community born of the river. It is the mill at the crossing of the Mispillion that formed our name. This river was home to two centuries of shipbuilding that made us a center of maritime industry. This river remains our link to the vital waters of this great peninsula.

Though the nature of the river has changed, it is no less important to our lives. It bisects our downtown, makes us the heart of two counties, and is the centerpiece of a rebirth centered on recreation, the arts, and community.

Our downtown is the heart of our creative transformation. Our galleries, shops, and performance spaces are gathering places for people from all walks of life. Our events allow us to celebrate the place we call home.

We remain a center of commerce for a rural community, an escape from the pressures of urban life, and a community centered on family. We are the kind of place where a children’s class inspires leaders, a landscape inspires artists, and a history inspires vision.

We are Milford, Delaware.

River Town. Art Town. Home Town.

Click to vote!

Please vote for Milford! It’s free and easy, but each person is only allowed to vote once, so help us out & spread the word!

Fingers are crossed! And yes, the photo will be available for purchase after September 15th to help benefit Downtown Milford, Inc. Go Milford!!

Destination Wedding Photographer

Hi guys! Casey here. We are super stoked to be writing this post because we can finally share some big news — Leafo Photo is being featured in a NATIONAL wedding magazine!!! Woohoo!!! Check out our story on pages 53-55 in the April 2010 edition of Destinations Travel Magazine. Several photographers from across the country were interviewed about modern wedding photography. We got to blab about all of the things we love about photo & how the game has changed since the days of our parents’ weddings. You’ll probably recognize a few of our shots in there, too. 馃檪

Here's the cover of Destinations Travel Magazine...we're in this month's edition!!

Here's the cover of Destinations Travel Magazine...we're in this month's edition!!

They talk about Leafo Photo & quote us on this page!

They talk about Leafo Photo & quote us on this page!


Do these photos ring any (wedding) bells?? They're Leafo Photo shots from Dan & Lynsey's "Love Birds" wedding at Pizzadili Vineyard in Felton, Delaware and Nick & Lauren's gorgeous church wedding in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This is one of the photos we took during Elena & Steve's engagement shoot!

This is one of the photos we took during Elena & Steve's engagement shoot! Their big day is coming up in May...can't wait!

A HUGE thank you goes out to the wonderful editors at Destinations — we are so stoked and eternally grateful that you chose us as one of your featured photographers in this year’s Destinations Weddings edition!!

Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson

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One way Leafo Photo stays busy during the week is to shoot for Spark Magazine, based out of Wilmington, Delaware. A recent assignment landed me in Hockessin, Delaware at The Dizzy Bulldog where Spark had access to DeSean Jackson, the Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver, who was out enjoying the scene and signing Eagles merchandise that fans brought in.

Mr. Jackson seemed like a pretty cool guy. He was chill, signed what merch he could, and allowed me to stay in his closed off area for a while to grab these shots for Spark’s publication. The Dizzy Bulldog throws a pretty mean party. Check out the rest of the DeSean Jackson at The Dizzy Bulldog photography here.

Desean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver at Dizzy Bulldog

Santa Claus Has Been Shot – Milford, Delaware

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Here is a quick Christmas-related post. St. Nick came to me recently looking for a business card. No joke. We assembled a studio setup and rounded it down to this final product. We used it for the entire front of his business card, which is all Santa and smiles. The back has his contact info, designed by yours truly…

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Have a holly, jolly Christmas, Delaware peeps!

Have a holly jolly Christmas, Delaware peeps!

Here is the card all finito.

Here is the card el finito.

All-encompassingly cool hanging with Santa and getting to help in his promotion. See you next year, homie!

Family Christmas Card – Dover, Delaware

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The Plumleys are one of the best times you can have on a Friday night at happy hour, as well as during a western-themed Christmas card on a Sunday. Casey and I are reliable sources, as we have attended both of these events with this family.

Every year, the Plumleys hire a photographer and shoot a super creative Christmas card. Jim is the new town manager of Camden, Delaware, so they decided to make this year’s theme, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” Jim and Shirley have done this for over twenty years, and Casey and I love being a part of it. Their daughters are good sports, and in this photo, one of them even opted to “wear” a five o’clock shadow. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your Christmas tradition!

This is the shot that was sent to the printer. This was a fun setup. The damsel is concerned that the bandit and the vilian will overthrow the sheriff. Both of which are women.

This is the shot that was sent to the printer. What a fun setup! The damsel is concerned that the bandit (daughter), and the villain (wife/mother), will overthrow the sheriff.

Here is the finished product. They came ot pretty nice I think. It's fun knowing people all over the globe will get a western-themed Christmas card this year. You're welcome, world!

Here is the finished product. It's fun knowing people all over the globe will get a western-themed Christmas card this year. You're welcome, world! ;)

Plumleys: Thank you all so much for hiring Casey and I to be a part of this awesome, goofy, idea-driven photo shoot. We had a blast and we’ll see you next Christmas for the next great idea!