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5 Easy Ways to ROCK Your Family Photo Session

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1. Dress to Impress

We’ve all seen them: the awkward family photos where everyone is stiffly posed, smiling uncomfortably in an attempt to salvage any scrap of dignity that could possibly remain after being forced to wear Grammy’s hand-knit matching reindeer sweaters. It’s no wonder so many people look at the photos in J.Crew catalogs and sigh — you can’t expect your photos to look like that if you show up for the shoot in your stretchy pants!

The ever-stylish Pritchett clan. Blazers, Chuck Taylors, and cable knit sweaters = timeless autumn classics!

2. Location, Location, Location

Where do you want to shoot? What do you want from your photos? Think about time of year, favorite spots, and variety.

3. Timing is Everything

Especially with babies. Schedule your shoot so that it doesn’t conflict with their naptime. Photo sessions can be overwhelming to little ones, so they need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed coming out of the gate.


Aaaand he’s over it. Good thing Mommy & Daddy planned around his naptime! (We have to do that for Leif sometimes, too!)

4. It’s All About You

Tell your story! What makes your family unique? Think about hobbies, interests, etc.

5. Get Silly!

HAVE FUN! We try to make our sessions an experience. It’s a great chance for busy families to play, and it takes some of the pressure off when you can focus on blowing bubbles and cracking jokes instead of perfecting your best Zoolander pose (Blue Steel, anyone?). I guarantee you that most of our families will cherish photos from the little candid moments that show happiness and love a lot more than the “smile pretty for the camera” shots every time. Your session is a celebration of your family — why not keep it real and have fun as a family?

YMCA + Jazz Hands on the Roof? Nicely done.

Le Tigre.


Many thanks to the amazing families we worked with this fall! Your sense of humor and creativity were the inspiration for our post 馃檪

Denton, Maryland Family Photographers

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Hi everyone! Here’s a little snippet from one of the coolest infant sessions we’ve done in a while. Our friends Ron & Mindy are creative, hilarious, and always ready to spoil and embarrass their beautiful baby, Maggie. What’s the end result? An amazing photo session including Madonna outfits, a tutu, pumpkins galore, and a really cool spoof on Will Ferrel’s bearskin rug photo. Check out this sneak peek from Maggie’s autumn photography session!

By the way, if you haven’t seen his photo (by Michael Grecco for TIME magazine), check it out!

Rehoboth Beach Photographers

We met with Tammy & her family down at Rehoboth Beach this summer for a family portrait session in the sand. Check out her adorable kiddos — there is a lot of love in this crew!

Sandy feet are happy feet!

Noah’s digging skills put my terrier pup to shame!

Time to tackle Mommy!

My, what big eyes you have…

After some time on the beach, we strolled over to grab some ice cream at Archie’s — yum!!

Can’t read my…can’t read my….chocolate faaaaace 馃槈

Sharing is caring.

Sugar rush + Mom’s request for “the jump that makes me laugh!” Nice job, boys!

Tammy, thanks so much for having us out to photograph your beautiful family. You guys are absolutely adorable, and we had a ton of fun hanging out and giggling along with you!

Wanna see more? Of course you do 馃檪

Milford, Delaware Family Photographers — Brett & Tori

Meet Tori and Brett. Longtime sweethearts, these guys have been friends since their high school days, and everyone has been predicting their friendship would turn into love since Day One! They have been an adorable couple for years now, growing together, and now their family is growing, too! We’re so excited to share the newest addition to the Hamstead clan, Baby Gabbie!

Brett & Tori are the perfect combination of good taste and down-to-earth attitudes. With a new baby in the house, it can be tough to find time for one’s own interests, so Brett & Tori came up with a great idea for a photo shoot location — a fun game of golf at Shawnee Country Club in Milford, Delaware. The beautiful gardens and greens made our job easy, and little Gabbie was able to hang out and explore while Mommy & Daddy played a few rounds! (Did I mention that this child is an absolute doll? Such an easygoing little chickadee!)

Brett & Tori, thank you so much for sharing your family with us! We can’t wait to see you again for more fun photography in September as we celebrate your marriage at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes!

Special thanks also go out to Butch & Kathy Hamstead for being a great Mom-mom & Pop-pop and watching Gabbie during the photo shoot! 馃檪

Broadkill Beach, Delaware Family Photography

Hi guys, it’s Casey again. We had a pretty wild family photo experience last week. Julio Loor, of Loor Photography in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was vacationing with his family down at Broadkill Beach in Delaware. They contacted us hoping for a fresh twist on classic photos in the sand, and we were incredibly excited to plan the shoot. It is always fun to photograph someone else in the field! After a lot of brainstorming and good times, we drove down for the photo shoot, and as soon as we pulled into the driveway, thunder started to rumble! What would normally be a relaxing portrait session with plenty of time to capture creative moments was now an adrenaline-pumped race against the clock (and Mother Nature!). Luckily, Julio and his family were total troopers, and we captured some pretty cool images in the fifteen minutes we had before the heavens opened up on us!

Julio, thank you so much for sharing your family with us and inviting us out to shoot your family photography session! We love your work and had a great time meeting you! See you next summer!

Are you a beach baby? Let’s shoot! Connect with us online, chat us up on Facebook, or call 302-270-2510 to set up your own Leafo Photo session for a fresh take on lifestyle, weddings, and editorial photography!

Milford, Delaware Family Photography

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Meet the Wolfe pack! Shannon and Ben Wolfe, of Wolfe Pest Control, wanted to have some family photos to celebrate the start of summer and the upcoming Blessing of their newest addition, baby Capri. We started off the day at Killens Pond in Felton, Delaware, and as soon as Camron, 4, stepped out of the car, he popped his collar, smiled, and squealed,聽 “Cheese!!” (Apparently, he’d been practicing his modeling techniques the entire ride down!)

Future business tycoon? Or J. Crew model? Cheese!!!

The Wolfe Pack!

Cam was eager to share his "rabbit goes around the tree" technique, while Capri diligently tested the integrity of her swing.

Look out!

Capri was fascinated with everything!

After a raucous romp in the park, we took the crew over to Dolce in Milford for an ice cream break, then headed over to the Riverwalk for more photo adventures.

Capri turns on the charm with those baby blues!


Happy boy!

Happy girl!

The Riverwalk

Capri looks like a little angel in her blessing dress!

Thanks, Ben and Shannon, for having us out for your family portraits. You have an adorable (and adventurous)聽 family!

Interested in a photo session? We’re your photographers! Contact us here and we’ll talk to you soon 馃檪

Gingers DO Have Souls! Photography to prove it…

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Meet Gray, the cutest redhead of 2010! This kid is a ginger if I’ve ever seen one, (I have, my whole family is red-headed), and he has soul to spare.

We set up this shoot for his first birthday. We met the whole family, (all three of them), at their house in Dover, Delaware. It was awesome! Everything had his name on it. He was a good sport as we rolled around in his parents’ backyard with our photo gear and their dog, Newman. Enduring changes of outfits and strangers holding cameras in your face is a lot, but try it when you’re one!


Delaware Children Photography

We started on the swing. See his "1" hat? How cool!

Delaware Children Photography

This is his mom's favorite. Gotta love those blue eyed kids! ;)

Delaware Children Photography

SOOO glad we brought this chair, we got some keepers!

Delaware Children Photography

Love this hat. This shirt had an argyle 1 AND it pimped his name...

Delaware Children Photography

All decked out in plaid. His parents say he is QUITE the ladies' man...

Delaware Children Photography

Somebody get this kid a (bubblegum) stogie!

Delaware Children Photography

Like I said, crawling all over the yard!

Thanks so much, Debbie & Mike, for thinking of us for Gray’s first birthday. We had a killer time! Gray: many, many happy-birthday-to-come wishes from Leafo Photo!

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