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Derick & Charlene’s Irish Catholic Wedding

This blog post is a bit different & very special to me. My big cousin, Derick, recently married his college sweetheart and longtime friend, Charlene. Nice job, D — she’s a keeper! We traveled up to their town in Quincy, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston) to celebrate their big day. This post is a bit different because we were attending the wedding as guests, not photographers, when a few of our family members approached us and asked if we’d take a few shots on the sly. Of course, we hadn’t planned on any serious photos since C&D already had a photog, and we also wanted to show respect and stay out of the photographer’s way while he was working. Bottom line: we had 1/4 of our usual gear and 1/4 of the typical freedom to move around that we usually have during one of our own weddings. Lucky for us, we’re crafty folk!

I present to you a few of the images from Operation: Stealth Mode. Many of these shots were taken from our church pew and dining table — 007 Leafo style!

Our family is Scottish and Charlene’s family is Irish, so it was only natural that a piper played them into their big day!

Uncle Art, Aunt Jean, and a very nervous-looking groom!

All smiles ๐Ÿ™‚

Mr. & Mrs.

The Bride & Groom’s table and some very heartfelt speeches.

Allergies? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Charlene’s dad is a musician, and his Irish band rocked the dance floor all night!

Looks delicious!

Maybe not? Watch out, Derick — your face might get stuck that way!

Toldja! Good thing Charlene teaches Irish dancing–looks like her hubby needs to learn some moves STAT.

Gettin’ “jiggy” with it–get it? Cause they’re doing Irish dances??

Aunt Jean & her girls — “Cause youuuuu make me feeeeeeel like a naaaaatural wooooman!”

My littlest cuz breaking it down on the dance floor.

Hold on tight, ladies!

Charlene & Derick, congratulations on your marriage. You guys are absolutely adorable together & we wish you all of the love and luck in the world!


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